Kresko Integrated Stable System
This documentation is a work in progress!


KISS is a special Kresko Asset that has a static value of $1 within the protocol. It is created just as regular Kresko Assets are by minting it from the protocol against collateral deposits and it is burned when repaid. This means that at all times, every circulating KISS is backed by collateral.
KISS is only designed to be used within Kresko.
There are no guarantees for it to have any value outside of the core synthetic asset protocol.


By nature, minting and selling Kresko Assets is equal to taking a short position. So an important purpose of KISS is to enable taking stable value debt. This allows taking a long position with any Collateral Asset against the dollar by borrowing KISS and using it to increase exposure on the Collateral Asset. As a side effect, users will also be able to effectively create Delta Neutral Positions.
Primary liquidity pairing for Kresko Assets in the native AMM is KISS. This allows for deep liquidity resulting in better AMM prices with lower slippage.
KISS only has a static value of $1 in the protocol, not in the native AMM.